Purchase an original 1907 Rigging Pulley used at the Brown Grand Theatre

Purchase an original 1907 pulley used in the Brown Grand Rigging system from 1907-2011

(click on the picture to be directed to paypal for payment, only $10.00)

Coffee mugs $7.50 large and $5 small (click on picture to go to PayPal)

Coffee mugs $7.50 large $5 small (click on picture to be directed to PayPal)

Top picture is for small, bottom for large.

Brown Grand Tshirts T-shirts for $10, Following sizes with corresponding colors: Small - Blue/Gray, Tan, Gray, Blue, Yellow and Pink. Medium - Blue/Gray, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Gray, and Tan. Large - Pink, Tan, Gray, Green, Yellow, Blue/Gray, Neon Yellow and Blue, XLarge - Yellow, Pink, Blue/Gray, Tan, Green, Gray and Blue. 2XLarge - Gray and Yellow

Cross stitch patterns Cross stitch pattern $5.

Bicentennial Bicentennial Plate $15

 BG Limestone Block 5"x3" $19

BG Paperweight BG Paperweight 2"x2" $11

 BG Limestone Magnet 2"x2" $3