Come tour the historic Brown Grand Opera House
on the National Historic Registar since 1973


Please call ahead to schedule your tour: 785-243-2553 or 785-243-4303

Hours: M-F 9-11am & 1-3pm 

Appointments can be made outside those times by calling the above numbers.



Guided Tour: Donations welcomed

A tour guide will give a detailed history and include fun secrets of the past.

Guided tour includes backstage access of the theater, where three handpainted backdrops from 1907 are on display

Children under 12: Free Admission

Tour groups larger than 10: Suggested $4/person

In out attempt to be good neighbors here at the Brown Grand Opera House we would appreciate it if you could help us out by parking in the designated parking spaces. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN ROD'S FOOD STORE'S PARKING LOT, BE RESPECTFUL OR BE TOWED!! The Opera house is marked with the red dot. The lot to the West is our parking lot and has a couple of designated handicapped spaces, it’s highlighted green on this map.  We share a parking lot at the end of the block to the West, there’s also a large parking lot located to the North East of our building. If you’re able to walk a distance please park in the farther parking lot leaving the close lot for our less able friends. Thanks for helping us be good neighbors!